door to door services

About door to door delivery

Continental Cargo Service offers door-to-door delivery services for multiple classes of freight consignments. We are here to help you simplify logistics management, implement cost control measures, and reduce overall risk exposure. While you are concerned about your business, we will help you manage the logistics!

Continental Cargo Service, with its unique capabilities, wide network of agents and partners, ensures that all door-to-door shipments arrive at their respective destinations on time. If you can trust us with your ask, then think no further. Give us a call and we’ll give you the best possible solution!

We provide:

  • Intermodal door-to-door services within India as well as to and from international destinations via sea, rail and road
  • Unrestricted freight processing
  • Priority processing for cargo consignments
  • Efficient transportation of packaged as well as unpackaged freight
  • Seamless management of your entire logistics supply chain including warehousing and distribution services
  • Customs clearance and document processing services